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Folk Im Park Festival, Bremen (GER) Aug 27th

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Folk im Park Festival, Bremen (Germany)

Waetjens Park, Landrat-Christians-Straße, 28779 Bremen, Germany

Monday Music, Hamburg (GER) Aug 28th

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Monday-Music @ Ramelsloher Hof, Hamburg (Germany)

Enge Str. 1 21220 Seevetal-Ramelsloh

Swane, Wuppertal (GER) Sept 8th

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Swane Design Cafe, Wuppertal (Germany)

Luisenstraße 102a Wuppertal, Germany

MAP, London (UK) Sept 16th

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MAP Studio Cafe, London (UK)

46 Grafton Road London NW5 3DU

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It’s July and it’s summertime in Europe. I’m currently in the Netherlands, the weather is gorgeous and I’m getting ready to play at Concerto in Amsterdam this weekend. Then I’m up to the north of Holland to perform at the Taribush Kuna Festival. Then I’m off to Germany for a[…]

I found out the other day that my grandfather fought in WW2 with the Australian 2/11th Field Regiment. In 1941, the 2/11th, along with Palestinian, British, Indian and Free French troops battled to liberate Syrians from the occuppying German/Vichy French forces. The Germans surrendered. The Syrian nation was freed, then.[…]

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